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We offer coaching and personalised preparation for students who have decided they wish to further their games and start competing at open tournaments.

These one to one intensive sessions are designed to help the students most effectively capitalise on their strengths, while minimising the consequences of any weaker areas of their games.


An innovative approach to
teaching students 5 and up, greater chess skills and
concentration techniques.


Because we believe students deserve to receive
the best possible
chess teaching that
we can provide!


Our teachers are 
high level chess players, 
passionate about the game and the art of inspiring this in others.


Through fun chess training exercises, receiving access to
innovative chess training resources and having
teaching tailored to their 
individual learning.


At lunch time or after school.

Sessions are
30 minutes - 1 hour


£5 - £10 per
student per week

Example Curriculum

(We adapt our sessions according to students level)

Week 1
Introduction to Mindful Chess & Teaching Concepts

Week 2
The 3 Golden Rules (Opening Principles)

Week 3
An Introduction to Chess Kid

Week 4
Climbing the Ladder (2 Rooks vs King Mate)

Week 5
1st Month Recap & Game Play

Week 6
Swaps (Counting Pieces and Exchanges)

Week 7
Boxing the King (Queen & King vs. King mate)

Week 8
Bug House Team Chess

Week 9
2nd Month Recap & Game Play

Week 10
Game Recording for our Holiday Chess Analysis

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