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The Mental Health Benefits of Working with Children

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

We often discuss how our students benefit from learning chess in the classroom. Learning chess helps to enhance focus, improve memory, and exercise both sides of the brain. Something we discuss less often, however, is how Mindful Chess lessons can benefit our teachers.

Today, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to look after their mental health alongside their physical health. Even the most confident, organized individuals have off days and in the modern climate, it is more important than ever to practice self-care and understanding. Part of this effort is making positive changes to lifestyle that strengthen our sense of wellbeing.

At Mindful Chess, we view teaching as a gift. Yes, teaching can present the same stresses as any other job alongside the unique pressures of looking after children. Nonetheless, we believe that working with children offers some extraordinary benefits when it comes to mental health. Here are some of the key rewards we have selected based on our own collective experience in the classroom.