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Junior Chess: Using Chess As A Tool To Teach Thinking

When it comes to rational thinking, it is difficult for a child to process and make decisions in the same way an adult can. Children are more often than not led by their passions and make decisions without thinking too deeply about the consequences. This is one of the luxuries of childhood.

In chess, however, children have the potential to think on a level playing field with adults. A six-year-old may find themselves capable of planning ahead and making exceptionally logical decisions, while their forty-six-year-old opponent struggles to maintain their winning position. What is it about chess that allows for this degree of logical thinking in young people who have not yet fully developed their rational faculties? And how can this observation be harnessed by educators to enhance this type of beneficial thinking?

At Mindful Chess, we don’t just use chess training to help students become more proficient in chess. We use chess as a tool to teach more general and beneficial