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Blaise Pascal

Mindful chess works with schools to provide chess lessons in students across the UK




Our mission is to work collaboratively with schools in the pursuit of inspiring students to become the great thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. We use chess not just as a game, but as a tool for aiding all areas of learning and development.


We want to join forces with forward-thinking educators that look to expand their curriculum by offering activities that will encourage their pupils to engage with their learning. Our objective is to provide weekly chess lessons that nurture not just great chess players, but great thinkers and innovators.


An innovative approach to
teaching students aged 5+. We teach greater chess skills and concentration techniques.

Chess Pieces

Because we believe that students deserve to receive
the best possible
chess teaching that
we can provide.

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Our teachers are experienced chess players. They share our philosophy and passion for the game. 

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Our innovative chess programs and teaching materials allow teachers to tailor lessons to the child's individual learning. .

Black Chess Pieces

At lunchtime or after school.

Sessions are
30 minutes - 1 hour.

Chess Board

School sessions are paid for a term at a time and we have an internal grant program for students that wouldn't be able to attend otherwise. 


Our Programme

Students have  exclusive access to 18 chapters of
chess training

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Traditional training techniques combined with advances in technology give our students data derived feedback about their progress.

Specialised Teaching

Using our Li-Chess analysis,
students receive teaching
tailored to their individual

Specialised Teaching

Using our Li-Chess analysis,
students receive teaching
tailored to their individual

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Our teachers are passionate - about chess and teaching. We actively search for engaging tutors who are committed to inspiring children to explore their passions and achieve their goals. We keep our classes at a 1:12 teacher to student ratio and all teachers have Enhanced DBS checks that are registered on the update service.

We respect the tradition of the game while also exploring innovative ways to engage a new generation of thinkers. We use technology in the classroom and we create Chess Kid accounts for every student. This gives students access to a huge library of online chess training exercises and puzzles. They can also play against other students anywhere in the world in a safe and controlled environment.

Our teaching approach is individualised and hands-on. At the end of each term, we record the moves of every student's final game. We enter this into the Li-Chess platform and then analyse what areas of teaching we need to focus on next term. 

Example Curriculum
Example Curriculum

We adapt our sessions according to each student's level.

Week 1
Introduction to Mindful Chess & Teaching Concepts

Week 2
The 3 Golden Rules (Opening Principles)

Week 3
An Introduction to Chess Kid

Week 4
Climbing the Ladder (2 Rooks vs King Mate)

Week 5
1st Month Recap & Game Play

Week 6
Swaps (Counting Pieces and Exchanges)

Week 7
Boxing the King (Queen & King vs. King mate)

Week 8
Bug House Team Chess

Week 9
2nd Month Recap & Game Play

Week 10
Game Recording for our Holiday Chess Analysis


We also offer coaching and personalised preparation for students who have decided they wish to further their games and start competing at open tournaments.

These one to one intensive sessions are designed to help the students most effectively capitalise on their strengths, while minimising the consequences of any weaker areas of their games.

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