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The Undeniable Benefits of Teaching Kids to Play Chess

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Chess is a game that is practiced in every corner of the world. No matter where you are if you search for “chess clubs near me” on Google, millions of results will appear in an instant. Today, Mindful Chess has chess clubs in London, Cobham, Brighton, Bristol and many other locations around the UK. As a result, more and more parents and children are discovering the undeniable benefits of learning how to play chess.

In case you are on the fence about whether to include chess club in your child’s extra-curricular activities, here is a list of the benefits Mindful Chess consider to be the most significant.

Playing Chess Improves Concentration

At Mindful Chess, we strongly believe that chess enhances focus and improves concentration. Even shorter games require total focus to keep track of what is happening on the board.