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Using Technology In The Classroom

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Mindful Chess teachers are committed to keeping our lessons as stimulating and enjoyable as possible. Many of our teachers have found that the best way to do this is by getting technology involved.

This resource is aimed at shedding light on what kind of activities your Mindful Chess kids are getting up to in our lessons. We also hope to enlighten you as to how you can help your keen young players continue their learning at home.

Chesskid is our top resource for every Mindful Chess teacher. We often use Chesskid’s wonderful animated videos when we are introducing a new skill or concept. All of our students receive a Chesskid account when they sign up for our class so they can continue their learning outside of the classroom.

In addition to receiving access to Chesskid lessons, students will have the chance to play against the computer or play live games with other young players around the world, including their buddies from class. Our chess teachers can watch over these games so they can give more thorough feedback. We occasionally even use the site to host tournaments. Basically, it’s an invaluable tool for us and your Mindful Chess kids.


Our teachers also use as an alternative to an old-fashioned demonstration board. The program enables us to edit the board to any position we like so that we can create puzzles and practice from unique positions.

Sometimes, our teachers even upload student games onto Lichess so the class can learn from each other. We do this by downloading the PGN from Chesskid. This is an exercise to enhance critical thinking and encourage constructive and positive feedback in the classroom.

Countdown Timers

Our Mindful Chess teachers also use countdown timers to encourage students to set up and pack away the pieces at the end of the day. We use online classroom timers with funny cartoon characters as an incentive so that we can spend less time setting up and more time playing chess.

Random Name Pickers

Random Name Pickers is another app we use from We use it to randomly select students to answer questions or help out. It can also be used for pairing children up so that they get to play someone new every week.

Chess Clocks

For the classes using iPads, allows the iPads to be turned into chess clocks. We only use these occasions as we encourage students to take their time on their moves and to focus on the position and not on the clock. Still, timed games can be a fun activity for the end of the term, especially when students are playing the teacher!

Classroom Noise Monitors

Finally, some teachers will occasionally use classroom noise monitors to encourage quiet, focused play. This is mainly used in large classes or on special tournament days. If the class keeps the noise below a certain dB, they win a special treat.

Sometimes when explaining "en passant" to seven-year-olds, an animated pawn is necessary..

​If you have any questions about how Mindful Chess use technology in the classroom or how you can use Chesskid with your child at home, please do not hesitate to drop us a message.

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