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Experience: I have been playing chess for almost twenty years. I played competitively for ten years and qualified to play for the England chess team. Now, I am more focused on training budding young chess players who aspire to play competitively.

Teaching Approach: I believe that every child has their own unique way of learning. I work with the child to find out which method of learning unlocks their passion, confidence, and potential. I actively encourage my students to harness their new skills and apply their lessons across their general learning.


"I first met Abigail 12 years ago whilst attending chess club with my son at Barming School. Abigail showed an amazing talent for the game and was keen to share her knowledge and ability by helping her peers. Abigail tutored my son for many years, something I will be eternally grateful for as she instilled a belief and confidence in him that has made him the successful student that he is today. I saw such a change in him not just in his ability to play chess but in his application and attitude to his schoolwork too."

Gina Smy

"Abigail taught my daughter for four years. She nurtures enthusiasm and quickly develops this into ability, with fantastic results. Her communication skills with children is excellent, and I have always been impressed with her diligence and approach to work. She reads people well, and adapts her approach accordingly and appropriately."

Pip Oakley

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