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Chess Around The World: An Interview With Hoda Mazloomian In South China

Hoda Mazloomian is an artist, art therapist and published author with a passion for chess. He has travelled the world and now resides in Shenzhen, China. It is here that he runs a chess improvement club where people of all abilities meet in friendship to help each other enhance their chess skills.

As part of our "Chess Around The World" project, Mindful Chess (MC) spoke with Hoda to learn more about his philosophy and the impact that his Chess Improvement Club has had on his life as an expat in Shenzhen.

MC: Please briefly tell us a bit about yourself and what chess means to you.

I would describe myself as a citizen of the world. I tend to see the world as humanity’s common homeland. Granted, we need time for this understanding to become universal. I