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For Adults & Children Worldwide
Mindful Chess Online Learning
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We Take a Unique Approach to Teaching Chess


Along with developing greater chess skills, our teaching develops

Critical Thinking, Confidence & Creativity

We Combine Chess Puzzles, Strategy Training & Game Analysis

to create a dynamic learning experience tailored to each individual.

We work with people that are totally new to the game up to individuals competing internationally. 

If you are interested in trying a session,

we have an option for a 30 minute taster or

a full 1 hour intro.

These can be booked here

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You've improved my chess more in the past 6 months than my last 8 years of playing” 


David Wheatley, Online Coaching


Online learning

We connect using Zoom or another platform of your choice.

As well as our weekly sessions, we offer all our young students the option of a Chess Kid Gold account and for adults, analysis of their or Li-chess matches.

If you would be interested in trying a session out,

you can email us using the link below

Everyone Learns Differently

We believe teaching should be dynamic and adapt to meet individual learning styles and interests. Rather than having a rigid syllabus, our teaching responds to individuals aptitudes and skill sets.

As humans, we excel at activities we enjoy.

We therefore believe it is fundamental to make learning the game 

an inspiring experience.

This makes the journey more enjoyable and

far more productive


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Mindful Chess Online Learning

All of our team are exceptional chess playershighly skilled teachers.

Many of the Mindful Chess team have 
ELO ratings over 2000.

All of our team are exceptional at chess & the art of teaching.

You can book a taster with us

At home
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We are a team of highly experienced coaches, with decades of chess teaching experience between us. We teach in some of Englands leading institutions and bring chess into hundreds of adults  and children's lives each and every week.  

All our tutors have Enhanced DBS checks, and all appropriate safeguarding.


"Your teaching has utterly transformed my game".


Richard Steiner, London (age 43)

Online Coaching

"I've had lessons with a few different chess coaches over the years but often been underwhelmed, I'm glad to say that hasn't been the case this time. Looking forward to many more lessons to come".


Helen Wilkinson, Brighton (age 36)
In Person Lessons

"Your teaching is seriously on point. Thank you".


Benjamin Cummings, New York (age 55)

 Online Coaching

"Learning with Mindful Chess has made me the best at my school chess club".


Jamie, London (age 13)

Online & In Person Lessons

"We've been amazed at the speed of progress, both of our kids are

now competing and loving it."

Caroline K, Dublin (Parent)

Online Coaching

"I never thought I'd get this good"

David Leavy, Bristol

Online Coaching

Chess Coaching Contact

*Once we receive your booking we will contact you to arrange a session that meets your availability*

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